Happy workers come together in the kitchen

Some businesses believe that they benefit from improved morale among workers as a result of opting for fully fitted kitchen areas instead of the often provided kitchenette featuring a kettle, toaster, fridge and microwave.

It is believed that giving workers the opportunity to prepare their meals in this way supports a greater community spirit – encouraging the preparation of meals together, improved socialising outside of work based topics, and healthier eating habits.

Of course, it may be difficult to convince fast food fans that their pre-packed sandwich or microwave meal is a choice to be left behind – in preference for a freshly prepared sandwich, salad, or swift stir fry.  The ease of the instant option may simply be too much of a convenience to be left behind.

It’s difficult to argue with the fact that a complete kitchen could provide a beneficial way of team members working together on something new – getting together in an environment without hierarchy where they can chat and prepare a simple meal with and for each other.  The team working and barrier breaking opportunities are evident.

Let’s not forget the clearing up though – that’s part of the process too.  If the correct tools are provided – ample dishwasher space for instance, and a ‘clear worktop’ policy, maybe even with a booking system to schedule time slots for cooking area/tools availability – this should be a harmonious experience for all.

The Times have an interesting article here – with a contradictory response in The Express here.  Your own space will dictate what’s available to you, and only you will know what will be appreciated by your workers.

Whatever you decide, a communal area is essential for your workers to be able to relax and refuel at break times, and Premiere can help to provide your perfect solution.  Start the ball rolling by taking a look at our Aspire Kitchen Collection today, or call our friendly Customer Care team on 01452 886100.


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