Improving customer experience in Credit Control

We’ve just announced some changes in our structure to improve customer experience in the area of accounts. We will be writing to all customers with the information shown below, which explains the changes to our Credit Control team function, now fully under the Premiere banner. This will enable us to much more quickly and proactively resolve any account queries customers may have.

The team – Sam Smith, Suzanne Nutter, Sarah Lainchbury and Sam Duncan (shown L-R), now all come under Sarah Hughes, Customer Services Manager. They can be contacted on 01452 886100.

The update from Andy Barham, which will also be communicated to existing customers separately, is as follows:credit control changes

August 2017

Dear Customer

I am writing to inform you about a few changes to our sales ledger credit control function.

Over the last 6‐9 months, I have spoken to many customers and I know a number of you have experienced problems with the way ledgers were presented in that it was confusing what exactly matched up for a variety of reasons.

Traditionally, credit control has sat within a larger Group function, serving all Group companies whilst we, Premiere, have operated as a separate Operation. Whilst this has served us well in the past, it does slow down query resolution and familiarity with what is going on at your site due to this historical separation from the day to day account management.

Therefore, from 1st August 2017 I have taken the credit control function directly under the Premiere Operation. We have physically moved the offices to sit within our sales and customer care offices and already the closeness has brought a greater understanding of what is going on right now within our customer base and speeding up any resolution query. This is apparent from both customer feedback and the reduction in our debtor days.

We have also built an additional day delay into our invoicing process to give us the time to ensure any issues on the day of delivery are reflected and amended on the sales order, which in turn drives the invoice, to further ensure a more accurate invoice and ledger.

From a personnel perspective, Sarah Hughes, our Customer Services Manager, will take management control of the department. This ensures customers have the same focused support through all parts of the administration process from quoting through to payment. Secondly, Sarah Lainchbury, our Senior Credit Controller will be going on maternity leave during October and her position will be filled by Sam Duncan. Sam has over 15 years’ experience working within Premiere and her knowledge of the end to end process will enhance the already strong credit control team greatly.

We will be changing the manner in which we work and be much more proactive contacting customers to ensure your ledgers are clean without queries and this will help both parties and save you time.

I hope you will agree that the above changes are positive and demonstrate how we, being a family run business, are agile enough to change and adjust to our customers’ needs, not only within credit control but also for instance, in the exciting new ranges of kitchens launching this Autumn to further enhance you and your customers’ experience.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and custom and give you my assurance we will continue to ensure we remain aligned and relevant to your businesses strategy and goals.

Kind regards

Andy Barham

Managing Director

Premiere Kitchens | Quality Kitchen Manufacturer | Credit Control Team